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Tips To Prevent Burglaries:


Teach your children how to use all emergency telephone numbers, and place all emergency telephone numbers by all of your telephones.
bullet Always double check doors and windows to make sure they are locked.
bullet Be sure your garage door is secured. Do not leave your garage door open. If leaving town disconnect manual release rope.
bullet Don't hide a spare key under the doormat or under a flowerpot. Burglars know all the good hiding places.
bullet Whenever you go outside, lock the door and take the key with you, even if you are stepping out for a short period of time.
bullet Do not keep cash or valuable jewelry around the house.
bullet Don't put valuables where they can be seen through your windows, especially items that can be easily carried away.
bullet Keep any tools that could be used to break into your home safely locked away in a garage or shed.
bullet If someone comes to your door asking to use the telephone, make the call yourself. NEVER LET THEM INTO YOUR HOME!
bullet Get a barking dog, or "beware of dog" sign.
bullet When you aren't home, use a timer to turn interior lights on and off at varying intervals to appear as though you are home.  
bullet Before going on vacation notify a friend, relative or neighbor to keep newspapers and door hangers from building up. You can also assign them their own access code in your security system.
bullet Invest in solid doors and good quality locks for your doors and windows. This includes all sliding glass doors as well. Make it not only difficult but also time consuming for a burglar to gain entry.
bullet Plant thorny bushes under all windows. Trim back any trees or shrubs near doors and windows to eliminate hiding places for would-be burglars.
bullet Engrave all valuables such as stereos, microwaves, video cameras, with your driver's license number. Engraving tools are usually available through your local law enforcement agency.
bullet Videotape the contents of your home. Keep the video and the list of all valuables in a safe place away from your home, such as a bank safety deposit box.
bullet Invest in an affordable alarm system from Choice Security.

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