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With LTS & Hikvision you get the highest quality cameras with the crispest images also made rugged enough to offer a 3-year warranty on all cameras, DVR's and NVR's. Helping them to compete with the top business class companies without breaking the bank.

Our customers are often amazed. Many of our jobs are increased to a larger scale because our customers love what they see. While there will always be improvements in technology these cameras will be hard to ever want to replace.

It is our pleasure to provide you with some of the highest quality and best performance products in the industry. We look forward to hearing your compliments and you enjoying the crystal-clear, non-ending performance of the equipment from these companies.


Hardwired Basic $399

(If you're upgrading and have existing wires
and power supply this is for you).

One 8-CH HD DVR, one 2TB hard drive, 4 HD 2MP cameras.


Hardwired Complete $599

(If you are starting from scratch and need
everything including wires, connectors, and
power supply this is for you).

One 8-CH HD DVR, one 2TB hard drive, 4 HD 2MP cameras, 4 100' cables w/ connectors, and one 4 channel power supply.

Viewing monitor, mounting fasteners, shelf or
lockbox, and conduit (if needed) not included.

***Installation and phone support available.***

3 year warranty for all cameras, DVR's and NVR's. \ All other equipment is limited to manufacturers warranty. All services include a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Additional Consumer Protection Plans available.

This is what your cameras will look like at 40 feet away when you zoom in. While we all would like the highest resolution, the higher the resolution the more memory and hard drive space it will take. Also, the more clipping you will have with remote viewing.

The process is different, the technology out there now is a lot more advanced and less expensive but more capable of giving you the quality images you really need. Even though the technology is better and much cheaper, there is still quality vs cheap.

More than half of the businesses we encounter have broken "cheap" cameras. You can go with a cheap system and still be better off than your antiquated system, but you'll be replacing that system too. The cheaper systems fail at inconvenient times and the lenses warp in the heat, making them unusable. But your old system is not a total loss. You can use your old wires and camera mounts to make the job easier and more cost-effective. Upgrading now may leave you wondering if you're going to regret it again in just a few short years, but I venture to say that looking at High-Def even when it's antiquated is much better than looking at something that looks like fuzzy unreadable blocks. You may say it doesn't look that bad at point blank range but as soon as you're really using your cameras because of a theft or a slip and fall or even worse a hold-up situation what's the first thing you want to do? Zoom in. The first thing you want to do when you're looking at a real issue is ZOOM IN. So why are you suffering with cameras that won't zoom?

You can keep suffering with a straight picture that you know is going to be hard to identify a face or even worse, a license plate and hope no real issue happens or you can improve your visibility by about 8 times that will let you see what you need to when an event actually happens. You can have a surveillance system that's doing what it's suppose to be doing, documenting and recording what happens when it happens with video proof that it happened and with enough clarity to pinpoint who was the person that did it.

High-Definition Analog Cameras

2.1 MP Outdoor Dome

5 MP Outdoor Dome

High-Definition POE IP Cameras

2.1 MP Outdoor Dome

4.1 MP Outdoor Dome

High-Definition WiFi(wireless) Cameras

2.1 MP Outdoor Mini Dome

4.1 MP Outdoor Mini Dome

High-Definition Specialty Cameras

6.3 MP Outdoor IP Fisheye

2 MP Outdoor Pan-Tilt-Zoom

4 MP Outdoor Pan-Tilt-Zoom

DVR's and NVR's

8 Channel HD DVR

16 Channel HD DVR

8 Channel NVR

16 Channel NVR

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