With so many cameras available which should you use? The new high-resolution cameras are finally beating the analog cameras of the past and they're running on less power. So which cameras do you need for the functions you want to see and control?

If you're trying to see what's going on in your business when you're not there you may not want to jump straight to the highest resolution camera. This is because during remote access the data required may cause too much clipping to view a continuous stream. If you need to zoom in to see a license plate, you may have to sacrifice the remote viewing on this camera but be able to see a quarter of a mile away. Do you need something that shows you when events happen? Maybe you don't want continuous recording and would rather a camera with motion detection. Or maybe night vision is more important than any of these other options.

Regardless of what your needs are our specialists are here to help and get the right setup for you. Call today and schedule an appointment!